carb vent hose

03 xr650r

while i was putting in my 68s jet i noticed that one of my hoses doesn't seem to be vented right. it is the hose on the choke side. there are two of them one point up and the other points to the left. the one to the left is what i am wondering about. by the bend it has it wants to go up, but the other end seems to have been on something also but i can't find it. any info on where this hose is sapost to be attaching to would be appreciated

Maybe these will help:



Some of the upper fittings that hoses slip onto are just smooth nipples that are molded into the carb body--no brass fittings or barbs or anything.

it is number 26 on the service honda link you had. looks like it doesn't go anywhere. i guess i can just reroute it to go with the rest of the hoses that go towards the bottom of the bike.

#26 routes upward towards the uderside of the seat somewhere. The end of it doesn't connect to anything--it just vents upwards.

cool, i wonder why honda didn't put it to go with all the other vent hoses. either way i appreciate the effort

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