XR600 owners opinion!

I was at a local off road area I use regulary, there's alway a few other dirt bikers there, I stopped to chat to a guy with a DR350(99 model) then his mate on a XR600 came over as well,

The guy with the DR was curious about my DRZ(S model,14tooth gearbox sprocket,airbox and carb's modifyed and a DEP end can) so I suggested he take it for a spin,

He was very impressed, more grunt,more responsive and just better all over was his opinion, pretty much what I thought he would say(after all it is a bigger engine and more modern design), I had a quick blast on his DR350, It had better(off road) tires than my DRZ so was more sure footed, but boy did it feel flat power wise (again no surprise there, plus it was totaly standard),

Then I suggest his XR600 riding buddy take the DRZ for a spin he was not all that keen to have a go, but muttered something about electric start, only a 400, then forced himself to get on it, and off he went,

He obviously thought it was a underpowered runt of a thing, that was untill he pulled away and cracked the throttle open in second gear at fairly low rev's and was greeted with the front wheel leaping up as the back scrabbled for grip, then after that ran about on it for a while, and came back with a big grin planted on his face,

His first words were "thats very responsive" "sod all like the 350" then gave a rather sad look at his XR600(which I had just had a spin on) , then off he went looking rather unsatifyed with his XR,

But the real shock for me was his XR600(97-98 model I think), I could not get on it quick enough, I had this vision of big 600cc wheel lifting hard hitting power, big dissapointment it had more bottom end grunt, nowhere near as free revving and smooth as the DRZ, It felt sluggish and unresponsive(well compared to the my DRZ it does) and just less fun!!!,

I was surprised about the XR, maybe I was expecting to much, but I did not have fun on it(compared to the DRZ, I would rather have the XR than nothing),

I'm not slating the XR or the DR350, or bragging about the DRZ, just I was amazed how it compared to the XR!!(just think what they would have thought of the E model)


Sunny(the XR converter)

That's the one thing I thought about on the way home after my ride with Ron. See post (winter ride with DRZ400E.) A couple posts back. We should have swapped for a few miles. I know I made the right choice for me.

yep the 400 is a great bike :)

I had a XR600 until I rode the DRZ. I have been thinking of a XR650 for a long time. Last week end Honda of Milpitas had a demo day at Hollister and I rode the new XR650. It fast but I like the DRZ better. I guess I got spoiled.

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