Brake light above or below fender?

I need to replace the rear fender on the 650R and would like to know if there is a preference or durability issues to brake lights/license plates mounted below the fender or on top like the Acerbis model?


I put mine below, but make sure it's dirt/mud/water proof, as it will get caked under there.

I'm replacing my above (Stock) taillight with a below LED Unit. The biggest issue for me is bulb life, so LED is the ticket. I'm using a CEMOTO rear fender, with an ACERBIS Fender Brace, to support the new taillight. IMPORTANT: Use a rubber license plate holder from, otherwise the plate will eventually shred itself.

A rubber plate holder would be great. With my current below fender setup, the plate has cracks on both sides and is held together with a steel backing plate, JB weld and zip ties. :crazy:

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