DRZ against a XR650L

My brother has a XR650L. Great bike and when i bought my DRZ. We raced on and off road. He had to change the gearing on it. My gearing is stock and guess what. I smoked him on and off road. He loves the slim egos of the bike and the lightness is feels when being rode and tossed around on the jumps and bumps. Amazing how a 400 these days is smoking the bigger boy.

I just had a spin on a XR600(not sure what difference there is between it and the XR650L), and was pretty dissapointed, it's not that I thought it is a bad bike just not got the spark and response of the DRZ,

I guess thats development for you, the XR'S(XR650R excluded) are all using older technolgy(fair enough there bullet proof) than the DRZ,

Mind you as much as I prefer the DRZ, I have to admit the XR does look like it would survive a crash better(not that I have crashed yet) no radiators and magnesium engine covers to wreck, so I can see why there still a popular off road choice,



I here what your saying guys. My last bike was a XR600 that I put a total of 25000 miles on. I had to rebuild it once and a new piston and head after I sucked the choke plate in.

I am a hard core Red Rider but when I was on a Baja tour to Cabo one of the guys showed up with a 2000 DRZ400E. I laught at him for the first 2 days and looked his bike over the next two days. Buy the 5 day of kicking the crap out of my bike to get it started and watching this guy push the button I started to like it.

I finaly raced him and he kept passing me up every single time.

I held my head in shame and 2 days after I got back I bought a 2001 DRZ400E. Now I was a trader in the company I kept. Out of the blue two of my buddies show up with 2001 DRZ's.

The only thing I don't like is the XR is better at high speed in the desert. I can't say about the street. But that is something I can live with. I'm getting to old to get off on the rocks at 100 MPH, 80 OK, 100 not any more.

I almost got the XR650R but here in Wa St you cant make offroad bikes street legal. With that Electric start.Just seems more inviting esp. if i kill the bike in a stream. I love my DRZ. Am so glad i bought it. Thanks guys for your input

If Honda dual sported the XR650R and added an E button, I'd buy one in a New York minute. :)

Rumor has it that CAnnondale is building a dualsport version of their 440 as a 2003 model.

Also, I heard where Yamaha is planning on adding an e button for 2004.

Good Stuff! Bring it on!

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