How many of you guys want to ride in Moab, UT in March or April sometime?? Any takers???

Just think.......A bunch of Thumpertalk boys on all sorts of DRZ's ripping it up in Moab!!!!

I could be down for some Moab action! I'm a little tired of 5 mile pass. Be warned though, I'm just a geezer on an S. :)

Do you want to hook up for a little trail ride this week? You know, a little Pre-moab practice if you know what I'm saying.

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Count me in! I was just there. It was cold but fun.

Last time I was at Moab, I did the White Rim trail on a GS 1000. Quite interesting.

The last time I did the white rim trail was in 75 on a Suzuke TS 250 Savage had to pack extra gallon of gas in a antifreeze jug and got back on reserve. Looking forward to doing it again with the new steed. You think I could make it with the stock 2.6 tank?

Everybody that wants to go, email me at

It will probably be March 29-30


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I am interested. I tried to drop you a line to your E-mail but it doesn't seem to want to work. Since visiting Moab, San Rafeal (sp?) swell and the Book Cliffs I have been itching to ride there. March would be great way to break the rust off a long winter. Keep us informed of progress. We would be coming from Calgary, Alberta.

Great idea, I'm in. We could make organize this into annual thing. An invite only DRZ rally. :)

I would like to go too. Let see what the new year brings.

Sounds good, I'll keep you posted on dates and new info when I get it.


That sounds great..will send you a e-mail

Are you still planning a moab trip?

Can't say enough about the area. For about 15 years now a bunch of us do an annual trip to Moab, san Rafeal swell or anywhere down there. We just had our planning meeting and we're going to hit the staircase area. Just a bunch of current and retired cops having a whole lot of fun.

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