Impression ''06'' 450wr and Rekluse

I had a “05’’, it was a nice bike nothing real exciting, I rode it on mountain trails, desert and the street, it worked.

The ''06'' 450wr is a great bike, one of my favorites, for what I am using it for.

Has your basic 450 mods, runs better, cleaner, more power, and very smooth, suspension is great, over all feel and handling is great, for this weight of bike. Forty years of riding and about that many bikes, yes I have some miles on me and previously owned bikes!

I have snickered at people with, the Rekluse clutch, but, I had to try one, it works excellent and is so easy to use, works great when pushing/ pulling, through snow and over unrideable objects, throttle with the right hand and pull with the left hand, I don't kill the engine! I run 15/46 final gearing for road trips and the trails, with the Rekluse I can still pick my way through the easy and moderately difficult Idaho trails and I can run 60/65 miles per hour all day(50 mpg).

I use my ''06'' 200xcw when we do the difficult trails, it's great for the mountains.

I have a 450 four wheeler clutch basket and primary drive gear (clutch basket has torsion springs, I have mentioned this before) this really adds to smoothing the feel of the engine's power strokes.

The bike is street legal, and works very well as a dual sport,or dirt bike, VERY RELIABLE, as you can tell I am impressed with the ''06'' and the Rekluse clutch, works great on the trails and the street, I use a Pro Gel seat pad when riding on a two track road, or the street, very comfortable, eliminates any seat vibration,on single track, the gel pad goes in the back pack.

I always balance the wheels.

Have a great ride

Haskell in Idaho

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