Big gun VS Yosh pipe :)

I own the big gun, and I was just wondering if the yosh is louder. Does anybody know?

Also since I'm on the topic of pipes, when does it become nessary to replace the "packing" in the pipe?


would it be possible to take out the 'race core' and replace it with a straight metal tube of some sort? besides the fact that that would be alot louder

if I remember correctly, Dirt Rider had the Big Gun at 104db and the Ti Yoshi at 102db.

How much did you guys pay for your pipes and where do you buy parts? Figuring out shipping costs is like breaking secret military code language(in chinese) at some of these places. I ordered boots, jersey and pants from maw and they charged me 30 bucks for shipping from one state away.

I just order everything from my bike dealer.

That way I don't have to worry about if the part makes it or not. And my bike dealer gets me good deals so why not

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