Where Can I buy the zip-ty fuel screw

How are you able to break the tip off? :crazy:

Are you the type of person that strips all your threads too? :ride:

We've seen one bent tip out of thousands installed. I honestly believe it was an installation error.

I installed the red Zip-Ty fuel mixture screw in my 2005 WR450F, it makes it easy to make adjustments on the trail :crazy:. My carb had a plug over the stock screw, I had to remove the plug and pull the stock screw to install the new one. I can't imagine trying to use a little screwdriver on the trail with the space available to adjust the stock screw.

You'll find you have to pull the fuel screw to remove your carb's bowl, so if you do a lot of jetting adjustments, you will install and remove the fuel screw a lot. I think the stainless or titanium screw is a great idea, I would have considered buying one of those if I had known about them, and realized how many times I was going to install and pull this thing!

Good luck,


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