Clutch adjustment help

I just bought one of those quick adjustment clutch perches and I was wondering, when a clutch starts to wear does the lever gain free play or do you loose freeplay??

i theory it will have more free play as i wears out

but way to little to notice

the "loosening" is the clutch cable stretching

Vinny: Those quick adjust clutches were developed for guys who heat their clutches up during a race like the MX and SX guys. Especially smaller two strokes.

You may never need to adjust yours during a ride on the drz400 unless mud bogging or at the dunes. Still a nice lever assembly compared to the weak stocker.

A friend of mine bought one. He is a old school racer and those guys fan the clutch all the time. Saved them a few milli seconds coming out of turns or cresting a hill. He got one for his 400E instead of getting lower gearing. If he gets in a pinch he just fans the clutch with one finger. After not much of this the clutch expands from the heat and takes up the free play in the cable. Then it starts slipping when you gas it all the time. That's where you quick ajuster comes in. You can spin it with gloves on going down the trail so you don't burn it up. When it cools back down you just ajust it back.

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