Front End Crash Damage Please Read....

Are the Fork Tubes strait, if one or both are bent as you rotate them in the triple clamps everything changes.

The tubes should be bind-free with the triple clamps just snug. Its not a good idea to tweak the forks against the bent triples, because the binding forks -#1 wont work very well, and #2 Will prematurely wear your seals-negating the rebuild you did.

Look on Ebay for new Triples.

Thanks for the responses... I bought a new set of triple clamps form BRP and a new front axle... that should cure the problem. Luckily the forks are still very straight. the guys at BRP say that the 650 forks are very flexible and usually don't bend permanently.

All my friends are saying that I am going to loose my "dirt cred" with these new billet clamps... they are too "bling" :crazy:

But hey, they were cheaper than the OEM replacements... :ride:

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