Trail Tech Panoram Upgrade

There was a blurb on here about an upgrade to the Panoram computer setup for TT members, but I didn't take down the particulars. I was going to E-mail them this morning. Does anyone know anything about this?

Thank You! :)

hmmmmmm, I'm deciding if i should upgrade or not... :)

Well Ballistic you should, because I am coming down to the coast for Xmas and maybe we can save some shipping costs.

Contact Geoff at Trail Tech. You get the faster updated computer with scratch free lens, with increment/decrement mileage for a total of $26.00 which includes shipping.

You must have proof of original ownership of a Panoram to get the upgrade.

Let me tell you, Geoff at Trail Tech has been nothing short of awesome. I posted one of the original posts about the Trail Tech kit when it was first available, and he has come though every time I have had a question or a problem. The quality of customer service with these guys is unbelievable. I sent my computer back today for the upgrade, I dont think it is really that much of an option, $20 for a new scratch resistant computer? Its well worth it, support these guys!!!!!!!!

Goef & Kelly are an asset to TrailTech,

I had a problem with my computer and they just shipped me a new one to the UK with no fuss, and i think its the new scratch resistant one, didn't even ask for the old one back. Thats what i call good service.



23712 NE Canyon Loop

Battle Ground, WA 98604


Fax 520-438-5760

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