What is the best (for me) exhaust mod

Thanks, how about jetting if removed? im still at stock jetting on my bike. I have the jets ordered as per the guys here for my altitude/temp but they are not in yet, should I wait to do the jets first? or can i mod the muffler now, it's way too quiet for me.

thanks for the pics but what are they of? a complete titanium bike?? sorry but you lost me in this Muffler/baffle thread.

Wait till you get the jets.

Should have my jets tomorrow, along with most of my mod items, hope the jetting guide here will work with the muffler/free mods.... to get a good starting point anyhow, my bike feels lean now just stock, as it backfires on decel, all i done was remove the small insert in the stock tailpipe and the snorkel on stock jetting

Can you tell the difference between a 96db pipe and a 98db pipe? I can't. The difference is tiny at best.

Do a quick INTERNET search on the Logarithmic scale and you will quickly find that the difference between 96 and 98 decibels is NOT SMALL. Every increase in dB represents a 10 fold increase in sound output.

Loud bikes are in fact responsible for closures. There is absolutely no direct connection between noise and power only between noise and annoyance. Well engineered systems can be reasonably quite and still produce plenty of power especially low and midrange power. The only reason you hear so many loud exhausts is because that's what people buy. If there was more demand for quieter aftermarket pipes we could have the best of both worlds. Instead we have guys bringing new bikes home and hacking the baffles out of their pipes with dremmels.

My $.02

You sound like a lycra clad poofter. This is thumpertalk not seirra club...... my $.02

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