Where to get subframe?

Hey all...my buddy took an endo on his 99' WR400 at +/-50mph and bounced the bike off a few trees (himself included). He's fine (lucky!) but, the rear subframe is bent up pretty good. I've found some OEM places but, am trying to avoid a $200 price tag if possible...any suggestions on where I could find a used one (straight! :crazy: ) or a compatible alternative?

Thanks for any help!!

strip all the junk off it so it is bare and bolted to the frame/chassis. use a long pipe or some long 2x4s to un twist and straighten it. if it is really bad then just keep bending. if it busts, weld it and try again.

Mine was pretty bent with broken welds last year from a Taylor Park Colorado ride... I found a aluminum YZ sub frame on ebay for $60 and just welded a tab on to hold the expansion tank.... I did fix the old one as a spare... All the aftermarket ones were a little to expensive for my taste..


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