Xr600r Choke Lever...

Hey, I searched here and there, no data on this one. My bike always starts with the choke OFF. When I pull outta the driveway, I ensure it is OFF, then go a ways, then it starts spittering and sputtering, and I look down and notice it is ON. I turn it OFF, ride a ways, put put, OFF. &%$#@!????? Is the damn thing temperature operated? Doesn't seem to do it after its warmed up. Could I just get a spring or something to keep it OFF, and switch it on IF needed?

Can you feel the 1/2 way position ? If not , sounds like the detent bb or spring is not there under the arm of choke lever.( thus allowing it to move too freely.)

Mine did that once. Turned out that the screw that holds the lever was just loose. If that's not the case, check the detents that hold it. It's not a complicated setup.

I'll have to look at it better. I rode it about 40 miles today, mostly off road, and it would keep popping up to CHOKE and I would reset it, while I kept my hand down there I could feel it rise up, I'd set it down, after about 3 times, it would stay down. I stopped and shut it down at the bike shop, fire it up after 20 minuts, get on the road, and it started again. Maybe I'll just get a carb return spring or something. I hardly ever need to choke it anyhow. Thanks for the replies. Later JL

nope, no detents...hmmm

Duh, there is a detent. All the way full bottom, just gotta push thru, no more probs...thanks again! :crazy:

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