yay my toys have arrived :)

got my new rear tire (dunlop sports D750) which is a 110/100-18

and my front number plate, which is for a rm250, made by UFO plastics.

My plastic gas tank comes some time this week, (blue clarke 3.9L)

YAY :)

then comes the snow, yay.....

but I'll be sure to go for a ride at turkey point this weekend, still not sure how I'm going to get there though... seeing how I don't have a trailer right now. Might just end up going on the local hiking trails (which is not allowed, but who goes hiking at this time of year)

post some PICs when you get it together. I am still thinking about a bigger tank for next years white rim ride at Moab. :)

Also, saw a very expensive (over 3 grand canadian) rear shock today at my the bike shop. Wow....... Fast/Slow dampening at the turn of a knob, WHICH can be done by hand! waaaay cool.

Now if I only had 3 grand for a rear shock and 4 grand for front forks (canadian currency) :):D

heh, but more down to earth maybe next spring I'll be looking for some used rm250 shocks which have been revalved by valvetech or something.

If I got the cash

Gota wait till mid next week for my dad to get back with my digital camera. He went up north with it, but thats okay b/c I've taken over the family business this week and made 300 dollars yesterday....

...which will only help pay for other stuff on the bike :D:D:D:D

[ December 10, 2001: Message edited by: Gyro ]

Let me know how the blue tank matches (colour wise)

Yes those shocks are nice, really light too. My buddy has one for his GXR. If you come up to the Bike show in Jan. you will see his bike. He just had it chromed. The thing is worth a fortune now. $30k+

man your going to that show too?

we should meet up and go together!

Hey Gyro I thought you would end up with a SM type bike the way you raved how much fun those street tires were , but all has changed and why? :)

And because of you I did the same ...... but I wanted more!!! So now I have a !$12,000.oo + Supermoto DRZ. :D

Next July and Aug I will be in the southern ONT than Northbay for a family shin-dig. So I would like to stop 'n' say hi. I will be bringing my super scooter with me, so maby ya can take it for a boot!! :D

I went SM for a bit, but just with street tires, and I had my fun. But I've decided I don't want to pay 800 dollars a year (canadian) on insurance. Plus I want to get more into some trail riding. Not that SM dosn't rock cuz it does!

I live in stoney creek ontario, thats just east of hamilton.

send me an e-mail Gyro777@yahoo.com when your in the area and we'll work something out :)

All the Toronto bike show guys should meet up on the same day. This weather holds up, we may be able to bike it there.

Gyro, I have the Canada Life Casualty insurance. Its about $350/year, without theft.

I'm also interested in the colour match of the blue clarke.

I'm thinking it's alittle late to go for a ride, maybe next spring. Plus my trailer is upnorth so I have no way of towing my bike (it's only setup for offroad).

As for the toronto bike show, does anybody have a specific date? I'm asuming it's at the toronto convention centre or what?

Later on in the month I'll setup a post saying the time/place and everything. So we can see who's going and get everybody to meet up there at a specific location or something.

As for the clarke tank, late next week I will be posting a link to page with lots of pictures. Nobody has really done a review/picture post for the clarke tank. And I think alot of people would like to see more of it.

[ December 11, 2001: Message edited by: Gyro ]

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