Fork Oil, which kind?

which fork oil should I use for my drz-s.

I'm going to add 20cc's to each fork like suggested.

StarKist 6oz. :)

Gyro: If you are just adding a little oil any old ATF will work. It is all hydraulic fluid.

The stock stuff is 5 wt and is a little on the light side so a few OZ of 10 wt ATF will not make much diff. That is a cheap way to experiment. When you decide to flush and refill then you may want to go with one of the brand name fork oils or some say Mobile 1 Synthetic ATF is best fork oil going. It is now up to $6 a quart but still cheaper than many fork oils and sold everywhere.

I used some 5w

worked good

I don't plan on staying with the stock forks/shock for more then a year from now.

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