Why Mod. a WR get a YZF

Everyone please don't take offense but I have seen a very common pattern of people trying for more power. I fully understand wanting more power, but this is directed at a specific area. There seems to be a need for YZF power out of a WR. I can understand the little things for performance increase, but I start to question why when a perfectly running bike has major motor work, expensive exhausts, etc. done to it for more power. Would it not be easier to just get a YZF, or start with a YZF then modify that? Is it the four speed (until now), no light, what? I compared them and went with the WR because I don't race major competition, the light and ease of making it street legal. The electric start is fine, but not a major issue for me. This forum has been great for information, but I was just wondering. I hope this has not been hashed out like crazy already.

I for one got WR's because they are road registered.

That is the only reason, I too believe most people here should be on YZ's (including me)!

I would have spent a lot less time and money, electric start seems only a waste of time to me, It is just extra weight. I can kick it over first kick every time, very easily.

Trust me, if I could make a YZ street legal here in Australia, I would be riding one. Over here, having a plate solves every problem associated with dirtbikes, if you are registered, no one cares. The nice people where I live couldn't care less about noise, it is behavior that kills things here.

I love my bike, for the riding I do the WR is nice. I truely think an xr650 would have served me better, but they are too heavy. Honda is ment to be coming out with a CRF600X or CRF650X in the next year or so, as they have stopped making XR's now.

I will be riding one of those I think, if yamaha won't bring out a WR550F or the likes.

good point matty - the WR solves all of those problems for me also (Melbourne, Australia). It is just so easy to get a WR road registered, insured and transferred when necessary. The YZ is LIGHT and way easy to throw around but probably sprung/damped wrong for fast trail/enduro riding (relatively easy fix) - also recreational registration is as far as you can go with them. (for the USA guys - rec reg = state forrest, national park etc ... NO ROAD !)

It would be nice if the Yamaha guys could shave some more weight from the WR but i don't think it's gonna happen (and if it does will it be enough?)

I got the WR for the electric start. I love having electric start after years of kicking a Husqvarna!

got the WR cause of the light/tailight, electric start, good looks and that 5th gear ratio

I also trail ride at night (read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Headlight). I am alos considering a YZF but I don't think they are as trailworthy in stock form. A Little too rev-happy for tight sections. Also a bit noisy for me as is.

I traded my YZ450 in for the WR450 as it is licensed and gives me many more options then just a dirt bike! Alot of areas are getting closed down by rangers etc.The WR450 is really a wolf dressed up as a lamb!

As for the electric start! have you been stuck out on a steep dune face kicking the crap out of a thumper! Not pretty! I cannot believe how easy it is now!

1 more thing would make my WR450 even better! A recluse clutch! Auto clutches are excellent!

WR450 the best bike I have owned so far!


One more thing that I thought of!

Why mod a WR to get the performance of a YZ?

Because we can!

For a lot of guys it has to do with the gearing difference as well between a WR and a YZF. The WR gear ratio is closer and it is a five speed as compared to the YZF. For trail riding the YZF's is pretty tall even on the new 06 with five speed. Transmissions can be expensive to swap out or change gearing in.

There is only one thing I don't like about my WR - the weight!

I want YZ performance, but WR features. I love the electric start, love the gear ratios, love having a headlight and like the idea that I can get it street leagle. I just want to have my cake and eat it too.....if I could get all of the above mentioned with the agility and flickability of the YZ, I would be a very happy camper :crazy:

The e-start and 5 speed are what did it for me. i love that e-start...even if 05 is easy to start. there's nothing like the magic button when you are in a hairy situation, or just tired.

I also like having a heavier flywheel to keep from stalling easily. i'd rather have a great trail bike like the WR than try to convert a YZ in to a trailrider. i bought a 450 moto bike to ride on trails and hated it.

it's all about preferences.

I wanted a bike that i could ride on the trails and on the track. And unfortunately some of the trails i liked to ride on were closed off to offroad vehicles, so i plated my WR-problem solved. so i have a "conversion kit" for it. when i want to ride those trails, i put the headlight and rear fender/plate back on. when i want to ride the track, the YZ fender and front number plate are put on. a quick 20 minute switch and I have the best of both worlds after having dont the mods and with an aftermarket exhaust.

I think the real question is, why get a YZ when you can mod a WR and get the best of both worlds?

I went back and forth between YZ or WR. One week it was YZ the next it was WR. I ended up with the YZ. I figured I'd rather start at the top of the performance latter with a YZ and then have it knocked down a little from all the street legal and off-road protection stuff instead of starting at the bottom of the latter with a WR and working my way up with the mods.

Street legal as of 2 weeks ago:







My buddy was in the same boat but went with an 06 WR. I have never seen such an extreme swing of emotions as he showed that day. He was the happiest person I've ever seen after he brought it home and rode it. Then after he test drove mine he nearly cried because of the performance difference.

Before riding mine he said he was not going to touch his and leave it in stock condition until this winter, after riding mine he was making plans for doing the mods on the following weekend. We'll probably do the mods this weekend.

I can tell anyone who is wondering that after riding a stock 06 YZ back to back with a stock 06 WR that they feel the same except the motor. The WR felt like it had one-quarter to one-half the power. I'm sure everyone allready knows this but knowing it and experiencing it is two different things.

I'm as excited as he is to do the mods because I'm having a hard time believing that it can get such big improvent in the performance from doing the free mods.

I'll report back after we do the mods and give my impressions of the new and improved WR compared to the YZ.

you carry that side stand with you all over the place?? or just not get off the motorcycle when youre on the streets riding it :crazy:


PMB sidestand was mailed out on mon. :crazy: Should be here tomorrow or sat.

If both bikes are showrroom factory stock, the WR will feel like a sick dog. It only has half throttle and a plugged exhaust. Do the FREE mods and you will be very surprised. WR Dave.

The reason for having a YZF over a WR is one word, weight. My WR feels like a pig compared to my YZF on the trails. All those nice things you all like, like e-start and heavier flywheel, headlight, tailight are all extra weight on the bike. I keep mine because it is street legal and a great dual sport bike compared with what is available.

One more thing that I thought of!

Why mod a WR to get the performance of a YZ?

Because we can!

well said.

i think the answer is versatility.

today we all want everything, but know you cant have that in a world that now tailors products to specific needs.

a WR (to me and obviously more motorcycle riders in Australia given the wr 450 and 250 are the number 1 & 2 selling bikes) covers all my needs very well.

for some strange reason we all want more power (testosterone i think) but a wr is designed to grip and not spin due to its intended purpose as an enduro/trail bike. a yz snaps its power on, a wr rolls it on. so yz timing a wr doesnt really makes sense, but it feels good, i've done it and glad i did.

yes there are days my personality desires a yz, but if i bought a yz i'd get a 250, and i'd still want my old 400's power. i would actually like both as many here would too, but financial realties will see my arse on a wr from here on in.

got another kid coming so i have to buy a pw 50 first.

Two words. Green Sticker. :ride: Here in communist run Kalifornia they only let us run Green Sticker bikes at certain areas at certain times of the year. Before any of you start to go off on how F'ed my state is don't worry the sick bastards that run things here are bleeding over to the other 49. Look at the EPA emission approved bikes for the other states are now the same as the one Kalifornia mandated. Scary, but even more scary if you don't think this crap can happen in your area. Oh yea, also when I get stuck in some nasty ruts, or a steep hill and stall it I just hit that magic button! :crazy: If your worried about the weight of the bike shed a few pounds and pump up Arrranaalld! :ride:

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