Why Mod. a WR get a YZF

Two words. Green Sticker. :lol: Here in communist run Kalifornia they only let us run Green Sticker bikes at certain areas at certain times of the year. Before any of you start to go off on how F'ed my state is don't worry the sick bastards that run things here are bleeding over to the other 49. Look at the EPA emission approved bikes for the other states are now the same as the one Kalifornia mandated. Scary, but even more scary if you don't think this crap can happen in your area. Oh yea, also when I get stuck in some nasty ruts, or a steep hill and stall it I just hit that magic button! :crazy: If your worried about the weight of the bike shed a few pounds and pump up Arrranaalld! : :ride: :

It's funny how we are... the grass is always greener.. I don't care how perfect a bike is we will always want to fix/change it somehow. I love my WR and bought it for all its perks green sticker, e start, wide ratio gearing, speedo, and soft seat but as soon as I got it home I was planning my upgrades....


if you gear a yz low enough for off road then your top speed is pathetic. if you gear it for speed your first is way too tall!!!!

we need a yz450f with a wide ratio 6 speed. if there was such a thin i could live with out the starter and lighting!!!!!

Also the YZ don't have a stock Stator.

From what I have read I think a well modded Wr would pull the same HP as the YZ and not be much heavier, if you like you can remove the starter motor to save weight, How much weight diff is between the two in stock form? I read my WRis 249 pounds.

My WR is only heavy when I drop it. So I try not to. When moving, it is pretty nimble.

Ever been on a rocky hill climb, 3/4 of the way up, and you lay the bike down on the right side? What about that nasty getoff where you and bike end up in two different places, your bike leaned over with gas dripping out of the float bowl. So you are standing there, out of breath, beat up, tired, etc... and you need to get your bike started again.

That "button" is worth its weight in gold at that moment. Yes, it weighs in at the same weight as a chunk of gold, but it is worth it.

BTW... with the mods, the wr is rippin, screamin, adrenaline pumpin, eye watering animal. Its more than fast enough!

Most of us can loose the same amount of body weight that would equate to the weight saved between a wr and yz. And I live in the sticks and ride at night.

Me? I go 178 lbs. This bike is a screamer ! It as if its too much for my weight sometimes. That dam front wont stay down, I hate when that happens..

It is less the overall weight of the bike as compared to where that weight is in the bike, unfortunately it is all up high on the WR's. I hope they do like they did with my 06 and reconfigure the weight on the new WR's. I am comparing my 03 WR with my 06 YZF and there is no comparison, the new bike is a lot better trail bike at least in the way in which the bike feels. It is not top heavy as compared to the WR.

The WR has a few advantages that no one has mentioned. Because it does come detuned the motor in stock form is going to be much more durable. It has larger radiators with a radiator reservoir. So the motor is going to run cooler, which again adds up to a more durable motor and less valve adjusting. The radiator size was the deciding factor for me because I have kids with motorcycles and I have to putt with them. I myself did do all the free mods along with a few that were not so free, but only after I felt the engine was broke completely in, 20 hrs of riding. I have never rode a 06 YZ450 but I tell you what my 2006 WR450 rips!!! :ride::crazy:

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