Wide footpegs?

Who has changed out the pegs on their DRZ. Should I go with the weld on wideners, IMS, DSP, Burley, others? Over the last 2400 trail miles I've found standing on the pegs requies very acuurate foot placement. IO'd assume wider pegs would give better conrol, any comments?

I went with the weld on's and have been very happy with them in every way. Have a welder, they were cheap, and they work like any wide peg on the market as far as I can tell.

I did notice that the newer DRZ's come with wider pegs stock. It looks like we're not the only ones who felt ours were thin.


I have Pro Circuit Billet pegs. Machined from a solid chunck of steel. Very strong. I love them. I've taken some spills that would have mangled the stock pegs. The Pro Circuits don't even have a scratch.

I got the IMS proseries billet steel best buy for the money fit good

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