Adjusting float level on stock carb

Apparently Edlebrock and Mikini carbs are hard to find in Australia. It looks like i have to put up with the stocker. A bike shop told me to lower the float level to 18mm from 15mm to avoid too much flooding after falling over. I said, isn't that making it higher? He said no because you turn the carb over when ajusting it. What the? Is there any info\pictures out there on how to adjust float level on stock carb?

My service manual indicates 16mm is stock. The bigger the number the lower the float/fuel level. That measurement is from the bottom of the float to the carb body (the interface where the float bowl mounts to the carb body). It is not a measurement of the actual level of the fuel in the float bowl.

When you're measureing make sure you've got the float positioned so the needle valve is just touching the needle valve seat--you don't want to physically push up on the float as far as it will go because that will just compress the spring in the needle valve. That's if your adjusting the float with the carb off the bike (the way I ussually do it). You can also do it on the bike. Push the float up, turn on the gas, and then release the float slowly until you start to see a drip of fuel being released. The point where the float stops the flow is where the float is currently set.

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