Warning Will Robinson! The Hammer is coming down on aftermarket exhaust systems!!

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posted December 11, 2001 04:34 AM


In the latest AMA rag, (love the new look!!) "Caught in the Middle...Riders in Two Cities Face RESTRICTIVE Noise Laws" there is an article on noise and exhaust systems.

I don't know exactly what bikes are targeted, on or off road bikes but here are the details, in short order.


In two cities on opposite ends of the country - Albuquerque, NM and (GOD SAVE US) Portsmount, NH(!!!!!) - officials have taken a hardline stand on the subject of noise that could have serious implications for ALL of us. Basically, the ONLY exhaust system that seems to be legal in either of these communities is the one THAT CAME ON YOUR BIKE FROM THE MANUFACTURER.

Albuquerque's law will affect all bikes manucatured since 1983 (1983...give me an f-ing break!!)

For the City of Portsmouth (30 minutes from ME!), the police have "Decided to enforce a STATE law that BANS modifying motorcycle exhaust systems to make them louder.

The Police will be looking for the OEM STAMP on the exhaust systems.

Mother F-er!

Anyone interested in a Stroker Exhaust system...???


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heh, I'm not scared I live in canada :)

We need to rally on this one boys and the trail closures. How about a ThumperTalk lobby group. Any members out there with power and position that can get us in some doors so as we can voice our concerns? Speak out please. :)

Being in NH, I'd almost guess this applies to street bikes. I've been up there and the amount of Harleys riding around there in the summer is unbelievable. The noise really sucks. In fact I hate it everywhere and If I was a cop I'd write a ticket to every rider with unmuffled exhaust. There is no need for it.

It goes the same for dirtbikes too. All loud pipes do is piss people off and it's you folks that run loud exhaust on your DRZ's that piss people off and make it worse for us quiet respectful people. And just because you ride in the woods and you don't see people does not mean people don't here you.

Also don't give me the BS that you ride street and loud pipes save lifes. It's all crap. Most of the time you don't here the loud pipes till after the bike passes, so whats the benefit.


"so whats the benefit"


There was a pretty good article in dirt bike magazine the other day.

It was about the AMA's test procedure for after market exhuasts. Most bikes in race form are putting out upwards near 102+ db....way too loud.

The AMA even goes so far as to discourage race teams from contesting loud exausts at events.

It sounds a bit funny that the AMA is supposed to stand up for our right ride...But yet cater to the factory teams with big money.

Has anyone ever had an exhaust noise test? The equipment and procedures for checking the DB is awful. First they hold the test probe about a ft. behind the bike..not taking into account the reverb from other vehicles or the surroundings. They never rev the bike into the meat of the powerband.... I mean really..for the test to be reliable..they would have to put the bike up to 8 or 9000 rpms to get even close to accurate readings..instead the readings are taken at just above idle.

To make a long story short...they are talking about trying to figure out a way to keep the db's at 98 or under. I cannot stand the sound of the loud bikes tearing up and down my streets. And as the test procedures stand, you guys that like it loud will have no worries for a while yet.

Anyway... enjoy those ear shattering exhausts.

Rather than an OEM stamp, the law should have an actual decible limit. Then, the aftermarket guys might be inclined to make something with performance and keep the sound down. Now, there's no incentive for them to quiet them down. We're paying $200 plus for a shiney can filled with fiber glass. The technology is there, just look at the KTM 520, QUIET and a load of power. I've been riding for over 30 years and it used to be the 2 strokes that were the noisy bikes. Now, with the hi-performance 4 strokes, that has changed. If it keeps up, we'll loose even more of our riding areas because of noise complaints.

Ok, I'll get off of my soap box.

Ride on


I seemed to remember being abused by some members because I brought up these very same noise issues.


Harleys is what Albuquerque was targeting its legislation at. There was some public out cry about the super loud harleys. Our old Mayor said some crap about passing laws and banning bikes altogether. Needless to say he is the old Mayor. We dont even have helmet laws!! and we just got a concealled gun law passed. Another thing, Why do they test our "closed coarse" bikes but not stock cars and drag racing cars and what about those new little cars with the big exhaust systems. Those are some loud four cylinders.

I live in Jersey and all of us are already loud, crude, and obnoxiuos! The loud bikes are just cool to me and I enjoy hearing them and then finding where they are and checking them out. People in public places on cell phones is a much larger and frequent public annoyance. These are the ***holes complaining about our bikes. We appreciate the outdoors and conservation way more than them.

from sperduton: "Also don't give me the BS that you ride street and loud pipes save lifes. It's all crap. Most of the time you don't here the loud pipes till after the bike passes, so whats the benefit."

Okay, I'll wait until you get crushed by a motorist who will afterwards state that they didn't see or hear you, then I'll see how you feel about it. I make every possible defensive attempt to increase my chance of survival on the street.

Originally posted by sperduton:

Also don't give me the BS that you ride street and loud pipes save lifes. It's all crap. Most of the time you don't here the loud pipes till after the bike passes, so whats the benefit.


Proof, I was cut off last year riding on the street atleast 10 times. This year I was cut off only ONCE. Last year I was running the stock pipe, this year I run the big gun. I rode in the same places. So the pipe DID make a differnce.

Getting cut off on the road is terrible, it's more scary then any crash I've had offroad. I agree loud pipes can be bad for offroad riding, however on road I wouldn't ride without.

Agree with Gyro. You CAN hear me coming from a short distance - I know because I've seen drivers check their mirror and look out the window just before I came along side of them - on a crowded city street in Baltimore, I think this is a good thing. It probably has stopped a few drivers from pulling into my lane before, during, or after passing. That happens less than it did on my old (and quiet) LS650, GS750, and KZ440.

And - a lot of people don't consider the output "noise." I get a ton of complements from riders and non-riders that the bike - although loud - sounds great! The point is not to hit the throttle hard all the time - a soft hand on the throttle around the residential areas where I live puts a big smile on those that don't like bike noise. I've never had a complaint, and the police have never stopped me. The Big Gun is loud, so use a little common sense with the throttle.

Exactly, the big gun can be resonably quiet when you go easy on the throttle.

And the points he suggest about people changing into your lane and almost hitting you are true. With the exaust on this never happened to me. With the stock exhaust it happened a few times

I also get alot of compliments on my exhaust, and have only once had somebody say it was too loud. I have had people says "wow thats loud" but that does not mean they didn't like it, infact those same people usually go on to say "I love the sound of your bike".

I've never been pulled over by a cop, and I've driven past many with the big gun on the bike. I just keep the revs down.

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If you think the only thing keeping you alive on the street is a loud pipe, then you are a piss poor rider and shouldn't be riding on the street.

I think if you are from the USA it's probarly a safer bet to favour quieter exhaust's, with all the EPA stuff that is in place all ready, chance's are it's going to get worse not better for US riders,

I just find it amazing that a country with a firearm policy as such(everyman and there dog can buy a aramalite) not mentioning the illegal firearms in circulation, has time to worry about whether Mr John Doe exhaust's a bit on the noisy side!!!

Come on it's not exactly crime of the century, surely there is more important things to be considering???

I run a after market End Can(muffler) because it makes my bike run better,look better and sound better and to be honest if anyone think's I'm a menace to society for this, they need to open there eye's and see the real problems that are happening in the world and worry about them,



Gnu - wake up man. I provide space between myself and other vehicles, travel at the speed limit or with the flow of traffic, constantly watch others, predict what I should do if a particular vehicle makes an unexpected move. Hey - who else here can quote the Maryland Motorcycle Riding Safety Course mantra: SIPDE - Scan, Identify, Predict, Decide, and Execute. I've been on the road for 15 years without a single accident, but I've avoided dozens with this simple, effective strategy.

Nobody here is saying that volume alone provides safety - We imply that IT HELPS! Could you please tune in to the discussion and not sling insults at people?

Hey, hey, hey, Just remember if you wanna play you gotta pay. Maybe they could come up with a law that says you have to pay one dollar for every deciple over X ?

When you run out of money and have no where to ride maybe you will get the message. We are fighting for our lives here guys. Those tree huggers are out there just giving us more and more rope. Lets not hang ourselves. Lets have the last laugh and sneak by them and roost them.


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