06' 450F - sprocket combo????

Well I have received awesome info on tires, now how about sprocket combos.

I ride mostly tight stuff and a lot of hills. Maybe I am jumping the gun right now (without first upgrading my flywheel) but I am wondering if it would be worth if for me to change my flywheel combo?

I am finding myself constantly clutching and braking on the downhill trails because I am carrying too much speed in 1st gear into turns. On top of that, I am feathering the clutch on the uphill stuff trying to keep on the power.

I have been told that the WR would have been a better bike for my riding areas. I am not a big guy and the added weight of the WR did not work. In addition that YZ450F power is like crack to me, I can't get enough of it.

Any advice for an addicted junky????

Go to a 50t rear sprocket. Or if you want get a cheater (Rekluse) clutch.

I am using a 50 rear...I ride mostly MX (90%). 1st still feels too tall for really tight single track (bar banging east coast stuff). I grew up in Florida and still ride there yearly, so don't confuse my location.

I will be trying a 53 for my next rear. I like to leave the bike in 3rd on our tight local mx tracks. The bike has plenty of power to make stock gearing work but if you like to get down to walking speeds in 1st...I reccomend going bigger than a 50 on the rear if you want to retain the stock countershaft sprocket.

12-52 and a "CHEATER" (Rekluse). Its awesome for the woods and steep hills are a breeze, up an down. :crazy:

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