I've always been a skeptic but maybe...

Like the title says, I've always been a skeptic of these 'snake-oil' like devices. I'm familar with how some of these things work but I have no experience in the seat of the pants department. These guys test it and claim a seat of the pants improvement on a stock and modified bike.


Anyone have any experience?


I would spend another $200 and just get a Vortex X10 - 3D - CDI . :crazy:

they do work (i ran one for 2 yrs) but i'm with dan on this,after going to the vortex i won't be going back :crazy:

Man, just spend the money on a suspension revalve or a new tires. That stuff is just junk.

no its not junk,they certainly do what they advertise. may not make any dyno HP but it certainly runs better and gets noticeably better fuel economy. the vortex does about the same thing (according to the vortex guy) and indeed fuel stretches just as good or better with the vortex,biggest difference is the vortex makes the power come on soooo smoothly :crazy:

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