Wow! 225 pound DRZE!

I finally shaved my DRZ's weight down to the perfect weight.


It's amazing how much weight a tank, seat, shrouds, exhaust, and carb weigh. Took the bike to the shop Sat. Should know what's wrong with the transmission tomorrow or Thurs.

hey cool you have the same front number plate as me. :)

The # plate was the best thing I've done to the bike. :)

how do you like that cyra front disc gaurd?

I'll probably order one sometime over the winter

Also, I noticed you took the fork plastic covers off? I was thinking about trying that, since the front number plate covers them anyways. Plus they are in the way/ugly

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Also heres another thing for you.

You still have the odometer cable on there, but no computer right? Look at the bottom of the cable, you can remove it with a star screw driver. I filled the hole left over with some silicon.

I really like the Cycra disc guard. I cut the fork boots off as soon as I got the # plate. Looked too much like a grandpa bike. With the fork guards and the Seal Savers, the forks are still protected pretty well. I still have my odometer hooked up. The "E"s don't have a computer, just an odo.

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Where did you get your Number plate from? It looks great, is that the Cycra # plate? Also where di dyou get the seal savers from, SRC?

The number plate is an item from UFO, it's for a 1996-1998 RM 125/250. Cost me about 35 bucks canadian with tax, should have cost me 55 bucks with tax. But I got a deal on it b/c my local bike dealer quoted me lower when I ordered it by mistake. I guess they didn't care b/c I buy alot of stuff from them. (e.g. my pipe, tires, clarke tank)

Actually my # plate is Acerbis for a 1996-1999 RM. I bought it and the RM brake line guides used, for $20. I ordered the seal savers from Less than $19 shipped to my door in about 3 days. I plan on having them on every bike from now on.

thats weird because the bag mine came in said it was a ufo # plate

I actually just had my dealer guy pick me out a good front number plate, and it worked out pretty well. i'm 100% sure mine is the same one as yours.

either way, it's a good plate :)

If you look really close at the pic, you can see the end of Acerbis on the fork guard. Or, here's another pic.


hmmm mine dosn't say acrebis but it has the same shape to it and everything

with the vents at the back of the fork gaurds

ohwell whatever it's all good

Hey Gyro,

Several aftermarket companies make the same style front plate for the conventional fork RM250 (1996-?). UFO and Acerbis units are almost identical. You can also get them from Suzuki (more $).

Speaking of weight, has anyone else tried to get an accurate weight on the DRZe? I weighed my on our bathroom scale (273 lbs. with a full tank of gas). I was kind of hoping that my scale was not very accurate. Does anyone have a more accurate weight?

Not a big deal, just curious.

Hey! A Suzuki trials bike!

seal savers, arn't those something that is already on the forks?

(just added 20cc's to each of my forks today)

Does anyone know if they make the plastic fork guards seperate from the # plate so you can keep

your headlight?I definatly like the plastic guards

better than the rubber boots but I want the option

of having a headlight.

thanks dog I'll ckeck it out.

I've seen some made by Acerbis on a KTM. I just unbolt my # plate and bolt on my headlight.

Cal, so when you run your headlight you dont have a shroud or boot on your forks?I guess with those

sealsavers it doesn't matter or what?

oops sorry slow connection fooled me!

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