Where's all this water coming from ?

My sister , daughter and I went to meet some friends for a trail ride at Forest hill a few weeks ago. When we got there I gave my 10 year old daughter her X-Mas present early..a TTR-90 wich I bought from one of my friends. Needless to say that made her day.

Anyway, when I unloaded my 400e and attempted to start it nothing but the engine turnig over. I figured one of the kids must have twisted the throttle a few times at the house and flooded it. So I went through the disassembly procedure and took out the plug to clean it up and hit the starter to evaperate the gas. When I hit the starter water geysered up out of the cylinder like Old Faithful."What the..." I said. I thought that the weep hole had plugged again and that the water was on top of the spark plug and ran in after I pulled it out. So I kept on the starter until it stopped spraying put the spark plug bac in and tried it again. Still no thunder to greet my ears. Pulled sparker out again hit the starter and more water geysering. I was thinking that I had a blown head gasket or something but the fluid was straight water not anti freeze. So I did the starter thing a few more times and finally got it to fire up and that's when the water went flying out of my exhaust pipe.

Turns out my * year old son decided that the pipe needed cleaning as well as the rest of the bike and filled it up with water while "washing it". If you have kids definately get an exhaust plug. Changed the oil and there doesn't seem to be any damage done other than a few snide remarks from my friends.

Future reference....remove the pipe and drain the thing out if you have these symptons in your bike. I ran my battery down turning it over so much. Thankfully I someone had jumper cables.

Sounds like my buddies RM250, but in his case it was gas. The floats leaked and flooded his bike with about a gal of fuel. When we tryed to push start it he got hosed like a fire hose. Got a smoke?

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