Cheezy rear brake gaurd

Anyone know of a Good replacement for the cheezy plastic rear brake gaurd? Mine is in a million pieces and I dont have enough crazy glue to fix it. Thanks

The shark fin from Scotts. Go to the link below, then to product index and do a search on shark and you`ll get there. They`re a bit on the pricey side but it surly won`t break into pieces


Your right Alain, I have a Scotts shark fin also. My stock guard melted on my rotor and after the bike cooled the rear wheel wouldn't turn. (That sucked)

Get a shark fin and save your rotor. If you bend it you could get hurt. Make sure you get the type your caliper mounts to. My buddy bought one for his XR that mounted on the swing arm and a rock took the fin and bracket off. Bummer.

you ccan use the Devol rm 250 2000 $35.00 disc guard and the works connection rm250 96-00 $27.50 caliper guard fit great and preety good price

I had an aluminim Devol caliper guard from a xr600. Guess what . It fit! Holes lined up . Just had to cut some aluminum spacers and get some long bolts. The plastic guard is a joke.

The Scotts discguard is a good one. It $110 at

It appears my old Fredette aluminum chain guide from the XR400 will also fit.May need to move one hole.

I just got my Scotts in the mail yesterday. It is a great unit. I'll have to wait till spring to try it out though.

The Scotts is the crest of disc gaurds.


Scotts, with DSP on the caliper.

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