Off topic ? about classifieds

I'm a newbie and just bought a YZ426 so I put my old bike up on the Classifieds.I keep getting these scammers emailing me .Whats up with all these guys a bunch of crooks around here or just where the crooks like to shop.I was born at night but not last night.Just wondering if this was normal.Thanks :crazy:

it just happens. just delete their crud and move on.

i got 3 myself.

I got 2 here. They say I will send you more then the bike is worth so you can pay the "shipping" so then they send you like $8,000 then you send them the bike and the extra cash. It is money laundering.

Just curious if it is a regular thing.I prefer to do business cash in hand.

I've had to deal with it myself. You just tell them you will not accept any more money than what the bike is worth and that you won't release the bike until the check or whatever has cleared. If it's a scam, they stop contacting you. If it's not...well, they probably wouldn't have asked you to do it that way.

it can take up to two weeks for a forged bank check to make it's way back to the bank that is was suppose to be issued from (sometimes more). Be sure to check with you bank on their policies ragarding this. Ususally you are on the hook for the amount if froged.

Cash is King.

Tell these crooks that you would be very happy to accept more than you are asking for the bike, IN CASH.

I have had two guys clamming they are bike dealers offering me more for my used bike for sale in the classifieds. The balance is to be sent Western Union asap to the shipper.

Should i post their email address for all to see??

Everything asap with these guys???

No cash in hand NO asap! Its a scam! if its to good to be true it isn't.

I believe they are from the UK, b/c of their email address ending in UK.

i had one say he was from poland and another from the u.k.

Post thier email accounts.

i'm very good at cratering jerks computers with a proxy account. :crazy:

I believe mine was from UK as well. It was a hotmail account though. First thing to tip me off...he started his email w/ "let me introduce myself to you, I am an engineer..."

Why would somebody freely offer that sort of information and what would it's relavance be to an online transaction? Usually they don't have the best grammar either...

Do you want us to forward you the emails or what? Then where do we send them?

I just got another email from the guy saying he sent the check... ...if that is not a dead give away I don't know what is. Who would just send a check w/o making arrangements first. Let alone after I already told him I knew it was a scam. I ran his claimed user name through the TT search and...nothing...


claimed user name: patrick_ben

Anyone heard of him?

Zique, thats the same deal Ive been getting, Its a waste of time! I have not seen a check for abt a month or so from first hearing from these guys, but if I do I may send it to the DA. But i not sure if its only a fraud once the checks been cashed? So i might have to cash it then if it does not clear send it in.

Yeah, he asked me to take the bike off the market as that's going to happen. I'm feeling stupid for asking this, but what is the DA?

"District Attorney" they have a bad check program, theres probably one where you live, but in California its

It does not work though for out of state checks and i am not sure abt stuff from out of the country. I'll find out an let you

Hey that's interesting. Yeah, let me know what you find out. Thanks!

i always get those people to for my parts im selling. but a while ago my quad was up for sale on computer for like $3000. i would get e-mails saying they will send $9000 and isend back the extra money. i was always ok. i never recived a check any ways. and once a skammer said they will take the quad. i was like ok $50. he replied back instintly and was actuly talking normal and he said when can he come get it. their so stupid. you can tell whos a scammer by the paregraphs they post. damb. if they rilly want a scamm to work then they should act normal and talk like a normal human that is intersted.

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