Hi there, the most common jet's that most go too, are 150mainjet and 27.5pilotjet,

Not that I did in my 400 S I run a 160main, and left the pilot alone(or the tunning guy that done the work and dyno set up did) the needle got moved as well(raised one notch) and three holes cut in the exhaust side of the airbox,backfire screen removed and finished of with a DEP end can(A British company),

I'm not sure what the altitude is here in Scotland and have even less of a idea what jetting would suit Oz,

If you could get some dyno time it would help you find the best set up to suit your area,

Good luck



ive got my self a drz400s. ive removed the snokle from the air box and modified the baffle in the stock pipe. the dealer told me the carby restictors have been removed but i havnt heard any one else on tt saying anything about these restrictors. the bike seems to run lean and i have to keep the choke on for maybe ten mins on cold start up, some times longer on cold days. can anyone suggest jet sizes to go with these mods.i live in OZ and would like to hear from any OZ drz owners who can relate to my problem

you'll have to post your Elevation above sea level before you get any answers

the elevation were i live and mostly ride is about 870 metres 3050 feet above sea level

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