426 Skid Plates? What is everyone using?

I have a 2002 YZ426 and wanted to get a skid plate. Been sort of thrashing the bottom of the bike lately. I already have the stock glide plate ( i think that is what it is called) which just barely protects anything. But my bro has this huge skid plate for his WR426 and it weighs so much.

What is everyone using for a decent skid plate which will protect the majority of under the bike and front. The new GYTR 06 stuff stuff is sick for the YZ450's, to bad they don't make it for the 426 (or can you make it fit?)

Any help is appreciated.

Devol makes a nice one for the 426. I think I paid about $100 bucks for mine. It's light weight and bolted on in about 5 minutes.

Utah Sport Cycle!

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