Tennessee Title--North Carolina title

New member been reading posts here & X-DB, MY FIRST POST. I have found out a lot of good information here.I have a 2000 DRZ

400E with a Tennessee title,original has not been transfered in my name. Does the 8th digit on VIN# alert BIG BROTHER-Tenn.(the 8th digit is 3 on my title,It's like this in Califoria),that it is for off road use only. If not can I transfer title to N.C. There's nothing on the title about offroad use. How does North Carolina do it???P.S. Title is in 1ST owners name as if it has not been sold to me. I belive he will work with me & do what ever I ask him to help me get NC TITLE & TAG. WHAT DO YOU SUGGEST I DO?? THANKS IN ADVANCE,Kenny THIS IS HARD FOR COUNTRY BOY NON-TYPIST LIKE MY SELF. SEE YA!! Wait A minute almost forgot---E-LINE SKID PLATE FOR SALE-DRZ400E-S BRAND NEW IN SEALED BAG.$100.00 + shipping.


Overpriced Item!?-See whitebros.com. :)

I dont think WhiteBros carry E-Line-carbon fiber-skid plate PART# SSPDRZ or they did not 2 month ago.Retail:$119.95--MY price $100.00 + shipping

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