Speaking of Spoke Wrenches-???

They made several comments when I bought my bike.

Also twisting my arm to buy the extended warranty which I didn't.

They said to check my spokes after the first 20 miles and to pay close attention to them. Made me wonder if it is a problem area? I haven't noticed any looseness in the first 500 miles?

I don't jump a lot but I try and keep the front wheel up whenever I get the chance and have ridden in some real rocky stuff.

Are you guys having any problems. With rims and spokes? Makes you wonder when all you get is a spoke wrench.

That is weird. I posted a question about loose spokes and now I read this. I wonder where mine went?

Question was: are you guys useing that spoke wrench much? I was warned by the dealer to check them often but haven't noticed any loose ones. How about the rest of you?

EZGZ: you should have recieved a spoke wrench with the bike. AND your spokes are probably already loose at 500 miles.

The reason the dealer said check after 20 is probably because they may not when they set the bike up.

Is your bike a 2002 model? Your main jet is way lean for 5,000 feet even with the stock muffler and tip. Especially when cold. Try a 150.

mine is a o1. I wondered about that jet thing after reading all the stuff here. I didn't do it. When I bought the bike here in junction the sales man had one just like mine and he handed me a plastic bag with the snorkel and the stock 142 main jet in it. He just smiled and said enjoy. It runs fine so far. I may do the wide open throttle and pull the plug trick next time out. That sure is a pain but at least we don't have to do it often. Thanks for the advise.

Found a good little spoke torque adjusting tool

for about $20, my bike had a few spokes loose after I checked it, after my first motoX race.

Check out www.spokeheadtool.com

I never got the spoke wrench with my bike. (that's my excuse) I was riding one day and reached some pavement. Hopped on the road and it immediately felt like a had a flat tire. Looked down--no flat. I got off the bike and realized that the spokes were so loose that the rim was floating around! Check those spokes occasionally.

Thanks guys! Checkout that link that borsy left. That is one cool tool and the site has great spoke tightening info. :) Anyone else have any intersting spoke tails?

I checked my spokes after 200 or so miles and found some loose ones. I know nothing about truing a wheel, all i did was tap the spokes with the wrench and tries to get the loose ones to sound like the tight ones. I will definitly keep and eye on my spokes.

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