650r smog pump

before buying the smog pump block off kit i wanted to look at the bike and make sure this one wasn't already removed. i then found out there is no smog pump on it. not only that but it seems that the head casting where the block off plate would be never allowed for one. do they sell bikes without the smog pump? i thought every bike would come with this. the bike was bought from a dealer in nh so maybe they get low emission bikes up there. but i wouldn't think honda would bother to make two different head castings for just this one thing. i will take a pic if no one understands what i am talking about.

Only the bikes sold in CA get the smog pump junk.

ETA: I should add that I call it "junk" because it doesn't actually reduce the quantity of emmisions given off by the bike. It just reduces the proportion of "bad stuff" vs. "good stuff" coming out of the exhaust. All it does is inject fresh air into the exhaust so the percentage of "bad stuff", reletive to the total, goes down. The actual quantity of "bad stuff" is unchanged. :crazy: The lean-ass jetting and corking of the stock bike is where the real reduction of emmisions comes from and all the US bikes get that.

i didnt know the R got the pump junk?

650Rs sold in Cal do have a smog device mounted behind the right side radiator and is plumbed into the vacuum connection in intake manifold between carb and cylinder. I bought my 01 from an Oregon dealer who imported it from Canada. It had no smog apparatus at all. Not sure about 650Rs built for sale in USA outside of Cal. My best guess is that this smog device on Cal models was also connected to air intake system and not to the motor but not sure.

my 03 stock had no restrictive junk on it stock

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