Foam Under Skid Plate

My BD Skid plate is on the way and I was wondering what everyone is using to keep the mud out. Here in Southeast Texas we can ride all winter, but it means mud on every ride. I have noticed that the DRZ picks up a lot of mud which makes it even heavier than it already is.

Thanks in advance. :):D


First I used the sponge from the stock skid plate with the Moose skid plate I got. Then I got some more sponges, ripped them into smaller pieces and crammed them into other spots underneather the skid plate where mud can build up.

I figured that it would be good to have some air flow going under there so just put a couple of stips of electical tape on the frame and where the clamps go. It does get some mud and dirt in there but most just sticks on the front and fall's off. Foam will get wet and hold the moisture for day's. If you have any scratches in your frame paint it is just asking for it to rust. Couldn't hurt to try it both ways and see what you like. They make that insulation foam that comes in a arosal can maybe you could squirt that underthere after the plate is on and when it sets up it would be a perfect mold. Then just cut a hole where the oil drain is. I would test it on something else first. That stuff may stick like glue and be a bitch to get off.Huummmmm you got me thinking now :) I guess that is what this forum is all about. Thanks

I use the stuffing from an old stuffed lawn chair I had laying around. It keeps the mud out and doesn't retain water like a sponge. It doesn't burn, Looks good when new, and was free, since I was about to throw the chair out anyhow.

Thanks Guy.

You saved me some grief. :)

Well I wouldn't use the spray foam on MY bike.....I use it at work a lot and it is a B*stard to get off if you want to remove it, and it is water porous........

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