Whats the best way to clean and lube your chain between rides???

Whats the best and easiest way to clean and lube your chain between rides. I normally just spray it down with wd-40 should I add some used motor oil to it?

WD40 and a rag. Give the chain a wipedown after you spray it. Keeps it clean during the ride. Spray your chain AFTER each ride instead of before. This will keep rust and gunk out of the chain.




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I finally purchased one of those little chain scrubber boxes you clip over the chain in front of the chain guide, pour in a little grunge off and spin the rear wheel, it does a super job of cleaning the chain all over. Then just spray a little WD 40 after wards, does a great job in minutes, why bother with a rag, as its hard to get in clean on both sides and what not, well worth the $12 to make your chain last a year or more

TOP: Hope you got a better scrub box than I did. Mine tore up a good o-ring chain on my daughters 4 wheeler.

I clean my chain with a diluted mixture of simple green and a soft bristle brush, Then coat my chain with slick 50 spray lube. (although It's getting harder to find).

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I use a power washer and simple green to clean the whole bike including the chain. then I displace the water and lube at the same time with a large quantity of WD-40. (bike running and in gear- for wheel spin to shake off water)

works for me.




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I'm getting real lazy when it comes to chains anymore.

I used to use the gringe brush, a 3 sided brush made for chains. Works fantastic!

Now I cheat in a big way...I have a motojackrack which suspends the wheels while "trailering". Now I just powerwash the bike with it on the rack, and hit the chain (and sprocket) as I rotate the rear tire. Comes out real clean. After washing, I revolve the rear wheel a few times to fling the water out, then use a little WD-40 on it to keep from rusting. My last 2 chains have been DID VMX rings and the DO hold up to this treatment pretty well. No kinking or sticky links noted, 1 chain per year of riding. The regina I had awhile back died/rusted very quickly!

If I know the ride is going to be real muddy, I'll spray PAM on the chain to keep the mud from accumulating as much. This buildup is what eats the chain/sprockets.

Am I the only one who uses chain wax? I was under the impression that a thin oil such as wd40 would wash the grease out from the inside of the O rings inside the chain? I thought that was the point of O ring chains.


Even though I use a power washer also with my motojack, I seen several articals that state not to power wash o-ring chains. The reason why - the water is actually forced passed the o-ring and water gets trapped inside. The idea of the o-ring is to keep water and dirt out. By power washing your driving dirt and water in. It made sense to me.

I make sure I don't hit it full force. I hold it far away and hit the chain straight on. I then oil it with motor oil. if I'm in a real rush I ude wd40 to keep it from rusting.

The chain only has to last as long as the sprokets. So Its not super critical to make it last a long time. I just replace the chain when I replace the sprokets.


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Simple green everywhere, then WD40 everywhere (except plastic and tires) then Chainwax before I ride. Yes, I do think it's best to do this after a ride cause the chain is all warm and fuzzy but when im done riding im usually feeling like a zombie and would rather visit the cooler. smile.gif

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