Braided steel brake lines?

Well, I guess it's time to throw more money at the bike. Anybody have a line (heh heh) on who has teflon lined SS braided lines for the 400E?

Ex-squeez me??? (heh-heh)I noticed that Vinny sstated that these brake lines improve the braking, but how much does it? I have have not rode a bike with these brake lines.


Braided lines are always an improvement, especially on the front...I've done XR250, XR400, KLR 650...all a major improvement, but be sure they have some sort of cover, other wise the SS braid will saw stuff in half!

"twist" them your self

it isnt hard to come by the bulk line or ends

it will be way cheaper and the only down fall is that u have to shrink wrap it your self

and you might jab your fingers a few times in the process


Do you know anything about an RM250 rear line fitting the DR-Z? I looked at a DR-Z and an RM250 side-by-side at the local dealership - the master cyl., distance, bends, caliper all look identical. Do you know if ANY manufacturer has listed a part number for a rear SS line for the DR-Z? It would be a pleasure during my street riding to have improved feel on the rear too.

Fastline makes a good one. You can also use a Russell if they have one out yet for the DR-Z - not sure. You can get a Fastline though Baja Designs or your local shop.

I have a Fastline for the front. Man what a difference. It almost feels like my Honda brakes

Galfer brakelines are the why to go I sell Fastline and Galfer the Galfer much better quality same price

I went to Baja Designs and they have the Russel's for $56. White Brothers has the Fastline's. As far as the the rear goes, Galfer's web site has a part number for the rear line , but I could not find anyone on the web that sells it.

I copied the following from Galfer. It shows the same part number for the front and rears the some of the RM's and RMX's but diff. kit numbers.

SUZUKI-------------------------------Rotor Rotor

Model--Year---Front--Rear--KIT-------Front Rear

RM250--96-98 FD164 FD093 FK003D126 DF301 DF302

RM250--99-01 FD164 FD093 FK003D126 DF301 DF338

RMX250-96-98 FD164 FD114 FK003D174 DF301 DF302

RMX250-99-01 FD164 FD093 FK003D174 DF301 DF338

DR350--97-01 FD164 FD093 FK003D79 DF306 DF311

DRZ400-00-01 FD164 FD093 FK003D264 DF301 DF302

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ya Galfer makes them I can get it for you and ship give me a call 305-557-4484 I will have to order it I will call and check the price need one myself ask for Craig

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Have 2 Fastline frontlines in stock $65.00 each

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