I just got a copy of Trail Bike Magazine(a UK publication) and this is what it said,

"KTM400EXC enduro bike will become a 450EXC in 2003 in line with the change of the World Enduro Championship's capacity classes at the end of next year. Husqvarna and VOR plan to do the same with their respective electric-start 400cc models"

Fair enough no mention of the DRZ but if KTM,Husqvarna,VOR and the Yamaha WR is a 426 already are shifting to a 450 and sell well, I hope Suzuki follow suit with a 450 (which if sales are involed they might)



Yeah, BUT...The DR350 was in production for what...8 years? Never became a 400. The DRZ now appears to eat 3rd gear, and the magnesium parts are about as heavy duty as ricepaper. I'm willing to bet Suzuki will fix or upgrade NOTHING!

But their was not the same demand for thumpers when the DR350 was first released and with super moto becoming more popular I reckon Suzuki wont rest on there laurels too long(or 8years anyway)

I've been hearing a bit about this 3rd gear troube as well, has this been a problem since the DRZ was first released or is it a recent issue that has arisen(on older bikes)

Mind you the gearbox on my own DRZ seem's okay(only done 4000 miles though) not the worst gearbox I've used before but certainley not the best, I reckon the gearbox on my DR650 was a bit slicker, it's when I'm off road with it and every now and then it pops in to neutral (not very often and probarly my big feet are the culprit) and usally when I'm changing between 1st and 2nd, anyway here's hoping


Sunny ps a DRZ450 S does appeal to me though!!!


french magazine motoverte, says that Suz is developing a 4 stroke high performance Mx bike, possibly 450! as soon as it releases new info ´'ll be pleased to sent it online!

my best regards

JP :)

Thanks that would be of intrest to me



If I remember well, I saw in a french Magazin (moto crampon or Moto verte) that they have some inside saying that suzuki is working on a 450 but it will not be in the DR line, it will go on the RM line something like RM450F or similar, meaning no street legal.


I think the DRZ400 has plenty of power without boring out to a 450. More than enough power there for the average trail rider. I been over to the CRF450R forum and there are lots of reports of broken bones. Maybe it is too much bike for the average Joe. Calm down I am not dogging anyone's riding abilities.


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As soon as my DRZ400S has a few more thousand miles, I'll just do the Thumper racing 470 KIT!

Perry personaly I think the DRZ400S has ample power for me riding off road with,

But a extra bit of power I would welcome with open arms for road use,

To be honest my bike is a toy, it only gets used for fun(no commuting,only use it when I want too),

Again personaly I enjoy unleashing excess amounts of hp and spinning the back end out of corners then wheeling off in to the distance(maybe not to everyones taste) it's not really a case that the bike needs more power, more that I prefer to ride that way and the more hp the more exciting I find it,

I like the DRZ S, when I was in the process of decieding to get it I considered a XR650R,CCM604DS but opted for the DRZ as its more suited to road use(locking fuel tank,electric start etc) and looking back I made the right choice for me, but soon(or if) as a bigger DRZ S model comes out my name would be first on the list(actually I reckon a DRZ500S, with about 50hp sounds about right to me, and if the weight was about the same too),



Sunny I agree with you on all points! :) I think the last thing was the key point. HP to weight ratio is everything. If they can just find a way to get 2 stroke performance out of a 4 stroke.

If we had better pump gas available and not so many polution laws for mortorcycles I bet we would be closer. Seems like they always make a hotter version of cars and bikes in Europe.

Originally posted by Ed@Ford:

The DRZ now appears to eat 3rd gear, and the magnesium parts are about as heavy duty as ricepaper.

:) Whaaaat??? :D

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