I like to order some header wrap from these guys(I'm in Europe) :

I filled it in 2 times but still no answer...

Anyone a e-mail address from this firm?

Nothing on there site.. :crazy:

Nobody?? :crazy:


I got 100' of black 2" off a guy on e-bay for about $60.00 (U.S.)

Check out E-bay and do a search for exhaust wrap. I don't know about Intl.



hi. i can't help with the e-mail, but. if you are talking about the header wrap that is 1'' or 2'' they use on cars sometimes, couldn't you find some at a performance shop. i have some on mine i found at a shop. about $2.00 a foot though.

Thx for the replies, the header wrap is 2 , 3 times the price in Europe versus USA. :crazy:

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