drz400 vs dr650

i have been hearing good things about the new 650

i have an old 1992 dr650 {tank}

is the new one as heavy and "non-trail-able"??

also what is the logest road ride {dirt or pavment} that you have done on your drz400s?????

thx for you ideas/thoughts


I currently have the DRZ400S, and a few year's back I ran a 1996 DR650 for a few years,

In my opinion the 650 is trailable, it really depends on the type of trails you would be riding and how adventurous you will be with it, I used it for commuting and the odd off-road session(nothing too heavy or extreme) and it performed well(considering it had trailwing's on it),

The longest distance I have done on my 400 is about 150miles in one day and my arse cheeks felt it, it's not the comfiest seat in the world and I generaly dont use it for longer distance outings(thats not to say the seating arrangement could not be improved) on the road, not to much of a problem off road as you can stand up,



My longest ride on my s was a 90 mile trec on the NY Thruway. My arse was a little sore, but heck, my arse would get sore on my street bike as well after some miles. I got my bike in August and still managed to put 1400 miles on it. It's not to bad on the highway if you do not mind wind blast. I plan on going to Americade next june. It's about a 160 miles from my house to lake George were Americade is. I must be nuts. :)

does any one know how well a dr400s would hold up to a lmon assed ride

ie accross the country

will the the motor put allnow for 12 hours at a time if my ass can?

Hi Simon

The longest on/off road I have done in one day on my 2001S was around 600km. About 350 were on the highway/roads and the rest was off road, unassumed roads, double and single track. It was my last major ride of the year so by then I had an iron butt. I have done 800km in a weekend a few times. I won't say I wasn't sore the next day but it defiantly helps to be in shape.

I have a longer ride planned for next year, 10 days.

The trick is to move around lots, don't let your body cramp up and keep the blood flowing. Get off and stretch on the long road sections where you are relaxing your body too much. People look at you kind of funny when you are driving at 100km/h standing up!

The seat on the DRZ are not made for touring at all. The first month or so my butt would be sore after a 30 min ride. But as the foam softened up and my butt got firmer it got better to ride long distances.

My longest ride on a DRZ400E 200 miles, 50 street / 150 dirt in one day. 4 day total is 550 miles in Death valley. About 100 miles was street and the rest was nasty rock and sand.

Longest rock/sand wash was 35 miles mostly rocks.

Longest off road loop no pit stops 150 miles took 5 hours. (4.2 gal tank, 1 flat tire)

Highest off road peak was 11,600'. Bike ran like a 125cc.

Top speed on the dirt 86.4 MPH (GPS)

The DRZ engine seem's to be tough enough(as in able to handle a lot of mileage) so I would say it would manage a long distance haul,

If it was on the road you would be sitting at say 55-70mph at which the engine would be at sensible rev's and getting good airflow too the radiators so not running to hot, I reckon it would handle it no prob's,

The only other thing(the other thing being the seat) that would deter me from doing a long haul on it myself would be that the engine(well on mine anyway) never seem's that happy cruising at speed, not a major problem(probarly not a problem for anybody else) it's just not as relaxed as I would prefer(it's great for blasting about on though) for a long haul,



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