Got my new CLARKE gas tank!

First thoughts are its a nice tank, Only things it dosn't come with are a piece of rubber tubing for the gas fumes to vent through(on the fuel cap). But my dealer guy gave me a free piece of tubing anyways :)

It is supposed to be my X-mas gift, so I don't get to try it out on the bike yet... unless I do it when nobody's home :D . But I'll probably just wait b/c well no sence in taking the bolts on and off a million times.

Anyways my dad gets back with my digital camera (from vacation) next week, so I'll snap some pictures then. As for the color matching up, it matches up perfect to the plastic fenders. (blue that is). The stock S steel gas tank does not match up as good as the clarke one does!

As for graphics I'm not sure what I am going to do yet. But that can come later

Here's an idea for graphics on your new tank: I cut out the other half of the "z" from carbon fibre look-alike sheet on my 2000 DRZ400S. Not sure what year you have, but this worked great for me. Looks stock. I traced the "Z" from the stock tank with tracing paper, then cut it out of the sticker sheet. I then used a hole punch to make holes throughout the sticker, otherwise it will peel and bubble like crazy. I have had mine on for almost a year now with zero problems. You could easily copy the graphics from your stock tank to match no matter what year you have. Good luck!!!

heh, cool sounds like a good idea, I'll definetly consider it :)

Hey Gyro

if you get a chance weigh the two tanks, I would love to know the differance.


Stock metal gas tank with locking cap, weighed in at 8 lbs

clarke 3.9L plastic tank,(just weighed it now), weighed in at 4.5 lbs

I forget why but I was under the impression that the clarke tank weighed 2 lbs.

so anyways, 3.5 lbs of upper bike weight saved but the bueaty of the tank is never having to worry about denting in on that oh so friendly tree.

oh and the fact that it can hold more fuel if you want it to.

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Careful if your gonna put stickers on you Clarke tank. The octane or whatever in the gas will seap through the tank therefore discoloring the tank and the stickers will fall right off. Plastic tanks are known for this. Im going to buy the Acebris 4.2 tank and fill it up with gas and let it take its course then repaint it. Then add the stickers. Hope i didnt burst you new Tank bubble. Just dont want you to spend money only to find your stickers on the ground.

I am getting a blue clarke tank also :)

Just wondering about getting new rad shrouds and storing the standard ones with the metal tank for when its time to trade the bike.

Buying aftermarket blue shrouds might be hard to match colors? Anybody fit any other colors to a clarke tank?

yep I've heard about the whole sticker deal.

I think I might just do what Wolverine suggested, sounds like a cheap yet good way to decal the tank. And if the stickers fall off I would only have spent a fraction of the cost to buy real sickers.

If I do it I'll post pictures

Just so you know: I don't have one but I will sometime, anyway, I have read on this board before to watch out for the metal rod that is welded to the frame under the tank(it's there to hold some lines and speedo cable I think). I have heard that with the clark tank there has been some problems with it wearing a hole in the tank, but ~~~ you have to do is bend it so it does not rub a hole in the tank. Happy Motoring with extended range.

This forum is great for information like, does the tank match colour. This is info you could only get if you see the thing. Thanks Gyro. I'd like to see your machine in the Spring.

I've noticed alot of guys changing the blue to yellow or black. I'd like to try staying blue, but making it alot nicer with Graphics, rims, handlebar triple clamp.

I'll post pics as well, when I do my stuff.

We have so many members in the greater toronto type area, come spring we will have to all meet up and go for a ride in say, ganaraska forest east of toronto.

After this damn snow gets its thing done and out of the way

Originally posted by Gyro:

We have so many members in the greater toronto type area, come spring we will have to all meet up and go for a ride in say, ganaraska forest east of toronto.

After this damn snow gets its thing done and out of the way

Count me in, 14hr drive if my econoline is still alive after this

On this Clarke tank thing been searching for graphics or for blue DRZ none so far.

yep I've looked around, havn't found a thing.

I like wolverines idea though (look up it's the second thing posted)

14 hour drive you say? :) well I know for sure there is some cheapy motels not far at all from the riding area. But if we have alot of guys coming it would be really cool to get a campsite :D

Come the end of winter, I'll start a topic asking who wants to go. Maybe even some guys from the other TT bike forums would want to go.

Have you ever been to ganaraska forest?

Originally posted by Gyro:

Have you ever been to ganaraska forest?

No but i almost signed up for a run there this year but something else came up. There are lots of events in Ontario and i would like to do one or two there next season.

I like Wolverines idea, i think i seen a photo of his homemade graphics before and it looked good.

yea I was considering doing some runs but didn't think I was up for it yet. I wouldn't mind doing some this year though :)

hey wolverine, do you have any pictures of the graphics?

I know I don't have a "Z", but here is my DR with the Clarke tank


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