What is a good set of handlebar guards for my new Wr

I looked at some sites and never liked any, who can recome (with pics) a good set?? and of course they must be blue/white, lol

Don't have a pic but CYCRA's with Triple Clamp mount :crazy: and they have a new style brush guard for them that looks cool and comes in every color :ride:

I perfer the Acerbis Rally

Thanks, but I dont like the CYCRA's , im picky...Will check out the ACerbis ones


I'm using Yamaha racing one, which to my knowledge are made by cycra

You can find pictures of mine at the supermoto pics thread.

Timo Mc

Thanks guys, I ordered the ACerbis ones, i like them. :crazy:

Cycra is the only way to go I have broken the acerbis ones and the Maier cycra also has the best mounting options. Enduro Engineering is another good option.

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