XRL oil cooler, cut fenders?

Hi all,

I put in one of those temp dipsticks, and it's reading 275-to just a hair under 300F. riding my XR650L down the highway.

I'm in the process of de-smogging/jetting it and hope that'll get the heat down some.

I've just started using Mobil MX4T synthetic..

I've heard that cutting off the front fender, top and bottom a few inches may help, any comments?

Maybe an oil cooler? I hear a XR400 one may work, again, any suggestions? I don't think this should be an expensive mod, am I incorrect?

Thanks much,

Chip (In Arizona, where it's hitting 100+ REAL soon.)

I put a XR400 fender on mine. It's still too cool outside to tell if it helps the operating temperature but it sure looks a lot better. :crazy:

I cut the nose off of an XR400 fender by around 3.5-4 inches I think, and added vents to the rear of it for my bike. I posted a comparison pic in my garage of the stock fender and the modified XR400 fender (UFO brand) here There is also a picture of it installed on the bike in there if you are curious go have a look. Since those pics I added a small piece of wire mesh for a debris screen over the holes, but I doubt it is actually necessary

I have Dave’s mods done & a IDS2 exhaust, between those and the fender cutting I am running about 250-260 consistently on the highway (depending on outside air temp of course). Currently running 15W-40 diesel oil.

Many people have modded the front fender in this way; I gleaned a lot of info from other's bike ideas. Many thanks to all the unwitting collaborators! :ride:

Yes, an XR400 oil cooler will work with some minor modifications (Mostly just drilling & tapping the steering head for the mounting bolts) Summers Racing makes a kit to install it (the TT store can get it for you if you are interested) with all the plumbing & a bracket to mount the cooler with, but I would bet that kit could be duplicated for far less than the $400 or so coins they want for it if you are inclined to save a few coins. It is just the XR400 oil cooler itself, check for used or try an online OEM parts dealer like say… the TT store? After that piece, they (Summers Racing) have a little bracket fabbed up, which looks easy enough to duplicate, and then some miscellaneous stainless plumbing you could pick up from any decent auto parts store.

Google this mod, it has been done before, but I forget the exact site I found it on.

Good luck & have fun. :crazy:


I cut the stock fender: front 5" cut, rear I cut in "holes", rejetting(55/158, needle shimed, slide holes drilled, 2 1/2 turns on screw), smog off, snorkel off, aftermarket pipe(White Bros E with 6 disks), UNI air filter, took off the wings and run at 200-220 degrees (dipstick). At 3800 elevation. Once this engine is properly jetted and given the right amount of air it runs like it should.

Lots of other mods but those are not related to heat.

Doesn't the Suzi DR650SE have an oil cooler somewhere on the down tube also? I wonder if that could be used on the XRL? Might even be easier to install...but heck, I don't know.

I've never heard of these detuned big bore RVFC motors overheating. At least all six of mine never have and most of them never had any jetting changes... :crazy:

Thanks for all the advice. So far, the Pig's motor isn't showing overheating signs. The dipstick I bought.. From Scott Summers Racing (Still has "XR's Only" on the dial) -Tends to stick at about 75 degrees cold, so the temp reading is iffy.

I have no idea why the oil cooler mod costs 400.00. Thanks for clearing that. Hell, that's a lotta beer money saved by doing it myself.

I have the jigsaw warming up as we speak.. Gonna slice some bacon off that front fender..:crazy:

Thanks again.


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