Wheel bearings are shot!

Okay so no big deal I would have thought...

So I got my bearings/seals ordered, and headed home to take out the old ones, wow...I'm getting nowhere. tried a hammer and screwdriver but they just arn't budging, I guess I'll either have to pay to let them take them out, orrrrrrr maybe order the special tool. What do you guys think? Has anybody had any luck with replacing wheel bearings themself?

Bummer gyro just when you get all your new goodies together something crapps out.Sometimes it worth it to invest in the right tool but I can't see you having to do this very often. It shouldn't be that much if you take it to them all in peaces. Wonder why your bearings are bad already. Lots of water crossings or what? :)

I looked at one of the seals, and when placing the wheel spacer in I noticed one side was alittle looser then the other :) so ohwell, the season is over anyways... I didn't expect to get any riding in except for the occasional run though snow when the snow hits.

I'll just let the guys at the shop do it, and I better get a rim lock while I'm at it.(shoulda done that when I got my new tire put on but I forgot since I was in a rush)

ohwell whatever, money is for spending.........on our toys :D

Also I think what killed the bearins, is since one of the seals was bad, some sand must have gotten in there and ruined the bearings. Atleast my front wheel is good

So guys, if you have your wheels off, check your bearings/seals. It costs less to get new seals compared to new bearings.

Check your local rental center, a lot of them rent nice bearing remove/install kits, check out renting tools at checker. Also you my need to warm the hub with a little torch action, remember to heat the hub not the bearing.

Hotler is right. try warming the hub.also,make sure there isn't a bearing retainer,or circlip thats preventing the bearing from coming out.i just put money down on an `02 S model--picking it up next month so i'm not familiar with the details of these machines yet. either way, that bearing should come right out of there with some abuse.who cares if it's the proper way or not-grab a screwdriver and hammer and something to support the wheel with enough clearance for the bearing to come out. it will come out.

I'm sure that you can do this yourself. I did this just this summer. Wheel bearings have interference built into the hubs--so the bearing is larger than the hole in the hub. You heat the hub with a torch for about three minutes to expand it then from the backside hammer it out with a long punch. Then to install the new bearings heat it again and pound them in with a bearing driver (I got mine at a auto parts store for about $10)

heh, just got back from taking removing the bearings. I finaaaaaly got them out, just took alittle pounding and abuse :D But thanks for the advice anyways, because I will have to install the new ones.

When I get the new ones I'll just ask the guys at the shop for a bearing punch to install them. They should have one or atleast be able to order one.

hehe.....when the bearing started to move a 1/8th of an inch a big smile appeared on my face, then a couple more knocks and it fell into the garbage can the rim rested on :D The bearings from the other side came out alot easier with the centre tube thingy out of it.

The hub contains 3 bearings.

1 side has 2 bearings (1 large 1 small)

1 side has 1 bearing. (1 small)

I don't know why it is the way it is, but for anybody who ever needs to remove bearings, remove the side with the 1 bearing first. This one will come out easier. (if thats not already obvious to ya)

Anyways, saved myself 30 bucks(canadian) in labour charges. Which is all that much better since I'll need that when I order my cyra front disk gaurd :)

awesome buddy!! i knew you could do it!!

a little trick for installing the new bearings: heat the hub and put the bearings in the freezer.the hub will expand and the bearings will contract-sometimes allowing installation by hand! if it's not that easy,just get a socket thats just a hair smaller than the outside diameter of the bearing,make sure the bearing is going in straight,and tap her home! just make sure the socket doesn't touch the rubber seal inside the bearing or you'll be reordering bearings!

Way to go gyro!! :):D

smittyman, how can you only have 8 posts to this forum!? You seem pretty knowledgeable about bikes. It's good to see helpfull members around here. Thanx for the tips about cooling/heating the parts, thats exactly what I'll try when I get my bearings.

i just discovered this site a couple weeks ago.glad i can help!i work on motorcycles for a living and i drive a `72 elcamino for summer and a `71 c-20 p/u for winter so i'm no stranger to a wrench,i guess!

cool, well congratz on the purchase of your new 02 s model!


You may wish to add a little extra wheel bearing grease to the new bearings before installing them. If they are double sealed you can pry the plastic seals out with a ice pick or dentist pick. They snap back in place real easy.

Then look at the dust seals and decide for yourself which way you want to install them. Several DRZ400E I have worked on have the rubber dust seals installed with the lip and tension spring to the outside. Most other bikes have that part facing inwards. I reinstall mine inwards. With the spring outside it is easy to dislodge and lose the spring when wiping dirt and grease from the outside of the seal. I pack my dust seals with Polylube 2000. Its a light synthetic grease you can buy at bicycle shops for under $10 in a 1 lb tub. Any waterproof grease will work including white lith. Also works under the dust seals on the forks.

Rockymountainmc.com now sells bearings and seals real cheap. I bought a whole set just for spares but probably will never use them. If you have spare bearings from other bikes you may look and find they are the same part #. Two inners are 6004. Same as the rear on 90-94 Cr500 and 92-94 cr250 Hondas. One outer is 6204 which is found on the left side of most big Xr and Cr Hondas. Seals are MK029NI AND MHSA2842 6J.

yup yup, got some of that grease, just have to get my bearings/seals first.

As for the seals, I think I'll go with your suggestion and install them backwards. Can't hurt to do this anyways.

Gyro: I think it is Suzuki that has got them backwards on the rear wheel. Another benefit to installing the dust seals with the spring inside is you are using a different wear surface on the wheel spacers. Also the outside is now flat and easily wiped clean.

Be sure to check out the front bearings and keep them lubed and moisture free as they are way pricier than the rears.

yup I am going to clean up the front when I do the back

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