battery tender?

Looking at battery tenders for a 400E, anybody have a recommendation? Are these 12V or 6V?



it either has a 12V/6V switch or you can specify which one you need wherever you buy it.i would imagine that most are 12V as there aren't that many 6V systems left anymore.

your E is a 12Volt system.

Get the real thing. The "Battery Tender" will charge all your 12 volt batteries and Keep them charged without the risk of overcharging or sulphating. There may be other smart chargers but for $60 I know this one works and is relativly fool proof.

If you use the wrong charger on the DRZ even once it can ruin the battery. Even dealers are finding this out on brand new bikes.

Chaparral Has The Tender On Sale For $35

Doesn't the DRZ-e have an alternator already? Why put it on life support when it works? Does the battery tender extend the life of the battery or is there some other benefit to it?


It helps keep the battery from going dead during long periods of storage (like the winter that I'm not looking forward to.)

We don't put bikes away for the winter down here...heck that's the best time of the year to ride. Guess I won't be needing a battery tender.

There is a difference.

The new batteries are gel type instead of the old lead acid. They like that little trickle if you store them for more than a few weeks :)

Thanks Brian400 just keep rubbing it in :)

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