which one?

hey guys.. just got my new WR426 and was wondering which is the best muffler out of the white bros pro-meg, and the fmf powercore

thanks in advance


You may want to try a stock YZ tailpipe. You can get them for around $50-75 becuase the YZ guys "think" they need a new pipe. They work great, are lightweight, and really bring out the motor. Also they are quiet compared to an e-series. Just tossing out an option you may have not considered-I really like my YZ pipe, and since I paid $50-got a bargain to boot! And it fits PERFECTLY!~

carp, i'm with you. i put a YZ pipe on my '00WR about 3 mos ago & couldn't believe how it made a fantastic difference. i don't often see anyone mention this as an option; most guys spend the $300-$400 for aftermarket pipes. i got mine from a young YZ racer friend for $100 brand new when he upgraded & this, along w/airbox lid off, throttle stop trimmed & re-jetting, have made my stocker breath a little fire! highly recommend the YZ pipe as an affordable & workable solution. bobwombat

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