Bigger tank for E???

Any opinions on aftermarket tanks? Has Clarke started making a tank for the E's? I don't want anything huge, maybe about 3 gal. Would also prefer something that doesn't interfere with kick start in case I add one. Acerbis? IMS?



do a search on this site.there has been pages of discussion on should help you out big time!

I guess you should have bought an S!

just kidding :)

IMS also sells a 4 gallon tank for the DRZ. Baja Designs has both 3.2 and 4 gal. tank in their catalog.

Both are $190.


Sherrif: Why do you want only a 3 gallon tank? That is only a little more than stock and then you still have the flimsy air scoops to deal with and also need to buy some radiator protection.

The IMS 4.2 gallon tank wraps around the radiators replacing the shrouds and protects the radiators also. I like my clear one a lot becuase I never need to look inside and it is different looking enough so I do not bother with expensive graphics kits that seem to not last very long.

The 4.2 is only heavy when full but actually carries the weight lower when half full which is what I mostly start a ride out at if only going 50 miles.

It comes in colors also and graphics can be added if you are into that.

Baja Designs at $190 is a great price and you save the cost of radiator guards.

This is the 4.2 gallon tank with the IMS decal kit. It looks very nice. browse my album and look for some more photos with the neutral tank, (I thought it was ugly after a while), stock and the new yellow 4.2 I dont think you can go wrong with the 4.2.

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Get "permission denied" when linking to you album

I like that alot. One of the problems withthe IMS tank if that the fuel carried in the lower part of the tank isnt that accesable. Its there, just hard to feed back up into the carb. I like the look of the new Acerbis tank... Maybe wanting to sell my new IMS tank now.... :):D:D:D:D

I think your IMS tank looks fantastic, but I'd like to see it on the bike. If you want to sell it let me know. I am moving to Indiana in a week and a half, isn't that near West Virginia?


hey schlep,

if you still have your 4.2 clear tank and want to sell it im interested.

I dont have the tank installed yet. I am waiting for my new knee braces from Asterisk. The ones I use now are custom made from Townsend, but arent made for riding. I tear the crap out of the decals on my tanks. So I am waiting for the winter tear down before I put the new tank on.

The neutral tank sold quite a while ago. Thats how I funded my new yellow tank. :D:)

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