Inexpensive Stand

Here is an inexpensive stand that I fabricated out of 1 1/2 inch SCH 40 PVC. I wanted something just to keep the weight off the suspension while the bikes sit in the garage. My wife's XR250 has been parked on it for the past month and the stand seems to be holding up fine.

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hey,thats a mint idea! you could make some $$ selling those-better hurry and get a patent,quick!!

Thats not a bad idea. Couldn't hurt keeping the weight off the suspension. Seems like thats what alot of the 125 guys do.

I might just be tempted to make one from any scraps around the house :)

Smart and lucky! Wish I had a gal that rode a dirt bike. :)

Here,s a link to a site which makes "rock-n-roll" bike stands in the UK. Ive just had mine delivered and I am very impressed how easy the bike lifts. :) By the way I won my stand in their web competition :D and upgraded to an adjustable model.



Bedridden_UK, what a novel idea. I just entered the contest. I'm not sure if us Yanks are allowed to enter, but I did not see any rules stating otherwise. :)

Hey Bedridden,

Thanks for the info on the stand.

Saw it, bought it!

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