Bent Rod Need Help

Well I took apart the hydro locked motor after falling in the deep ass creek, and surprisingly everything looks really good. A little carbon buildup on the top end but nothing that can't be cleaned off. I do have a very very small wear spot on one cam. The right side toward the back of the motor. Maybe I will post a picture to see what people think.

Other than that, the cylinder looks very good as does the piston and rings. Come to find out the rod was bent and wedged in the crank. I have ran this bike hard for a while and have been having the tranny issues everyone talks about, slipping in and out of gear under heavy load. It almost feels like it needs a clutch, but I guess it's the gears. AM I right on this?

Other than that, what steps should I take on replacing the rod? I figure the crank has to be separated. I have a little blue on the right lobe so I will be replacing the bearings as well.

Where should I go from here? Any recommendations on who I should send the crank out to? I am in Orange County. Where to get parts for the cheapest? Rod, bearings, Gaskets?

Thanks for your help. This is turning out to be an expensive damn Silverwood ride. Should have driven to Glamis instead of being a cheapskate on gas and opting for a morning ride in Silverwood. Dumb ass.

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