I can't believe I lost that o-ring.


Changed the pilot jet, While pulling the ZT fuel screw the o-ring stayed in I figured no problem.

Before reinstalling the bowl, I GENTLY slid the ZT screw in to 'fish' out the o-ring and :ride: it fell out and who knows where it went?!?!?

Does anyone know the size of that thing so I can search the auto parts stores ?


its small, very small

$5 from stealth racing tech + postage

I did the same thing, and just used the smallest O-ring I could get and buffed it down using a linisher. Sounds dodjy but works perfectly.

$5 from stealth racing tech + postage

You also get that spring with that $5

Timo Mc

unlike yamaha suzuki have their parts seperate for the fuel screw

i ordered 2 new o-rings and 1 washer and spring yesterday

will report how it went

btw these are from the rmz450

I stopped in to my Yamaha dealer had Yamaha o-rings in a bag with a yam. part number that were right on. I have the PN in my garage and will post it later when I'm back in.

I bought 10.


spring washer o-ring all identical to yamaha's and u dont have to order the useless 50 dollar fuel screw along with them

I've lost and recovered that damn thing TWICE now :applause: First time, it was in the bottom of my oil pan. Second time it landed on the floor, and got lucky finding it.

It makes me want to have a few in the tool chest. What's the part number?

hey nitronaf, what's the suzuki part numbers for that o-ring thats the same as the yammy part?

The Yamaha P/N is... 93210-03142


13271-29F00 1 $1.92

22 .O RING

13295-29F00 1 $1.63


13291-29F00 1 $1.45

yamahaoftroy prices

still cheap yet slow through your local


5NL-14105-00-00 1 $26.84

big difference ya?

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