fine tuning

Just rejetted with a 48 pilot and 165 main moved adjusted the raised the needle and reset the idle screw anything else i need to do, i noticed there was a screw on the bottome of the carb that could be adjusted, should i mess with it....

that screw on the bottom is a fuel mixture affects idle up to about 1/8 throttle.the only time you need to mess with it is if the bike stumbles off idle when you give it a fistful of throttle or is "cold blooded" requiring extended warm-ups before it will take throttle,in which case you'd want to richen the mixture.clockwise richens,counter-clockwise leans.its the opposite of an air screw on a 2-stroke.

Thanks for the reply


Are you sure that clockwise on the fuel screw richens? I thought it was the other way around. Maybe I didn't need a new pilot jet after all.

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