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Another EZGZ adventure story (long)

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This is a story I wrote a couple months ago when I first got my bike. Hope you enjoy it.

Another Sunny Saturday in Grand Jct. Thank you lord for all your blessings. He blessed me with a great ride. Usually when you get a new toy like my new motorcycle something seems to keep you from playing with it. But today I got out in the garage and put my new skid plate on the New DRZ400E and since I racked up 96 miles last weekend I thought I would change the oil and filter before heading out.

With great reservation I decided to go alone with the motorcycle and explore a area called Glade Park. It is less than a hour from the house on top of and behind the Colorado national monument. I heard talk about some sand dunes back there and wanted to have a look for myself before winter sets in.

Being the lazy bachelor that I am I stopped at a subway and got a footlong Veggie to grub on at lunch. The truck climbed up the steep canyon of the monument, the sun was shinning and the colors were just oozing out of the rocks on the walls. Before long I was at the glade park turnoff and followed it about 15 miles to the Colorado, Utah State border. The last few miles were gravel with ranches and BLM land on both sides. I saw a open field right at the tee in the road ahead and pulled into this field. I saw some hunters had there camp set up a 100 yards away and I could feel them eying the bike probably talking about using it or me for target practice if I started getting rowdy. I got all my safety gear on which is bright yellow and black so I figure with the yellow bike I would be hard to mistake for a ELK. Everyone seems to hunt with little 4 wheeler's these days and there were plenty around. So didn't feel like I was imposing. I had enough water and tools and assorted debris in my backpack to outfit a small army. I headed out quietly with my stock muffler in a northwest direction on a fairly well maintained road. It soon got narrow but was in good shape. It rose and fell with nice little crest's to wheelie off of and there were lot's of turns as it followed a old dry creek close to a canyon wall. It eventually opened up to a large valley and you could see the snow capped La Sal Mountains for a backdrop not far off. The air was cool but moving around on the bike kept me warm. After about 6 miles I dropped down into a large open valley and I could see several options to go on different roads. I had studied the Topal map and figured I could make a big loop and come out near the truck but there were just to many intersections to keep track of. This is when one of the GPS locators would be nice. I went south and stayed on the main road.

Before long I came to some soft fluffy red sand and saw trails leading out on them. They were covered with clumpy grass and bushes but the map referred to them as the sand flats. So this must be the little dunes I heard about. I eased out on the sandy trail to see what it felt like. Man that stuff is hard to ride on! Those kids at Idaho make it look easy. After flogging along about 75 yards struggling like heck to keep my balance I decided to call it quits and turn around and go back to the main road. I came to stop and tried to turn slow. Darn this bike is tall. I tried to feather the clutch but got all flustered and went down in midturn. I layed there with the clutch in and the bike idling PUT! PUT! PUT! I was quite comfortable in the soft sand and started laughing out loud. You know how it is when you get the giggles. That was me! I finally got my feet under me and picked up the bike and revved it a few times to clear the spark plug. Now with my feet sunk in the soft sand I couldn't get my leg high enough to throw it over the seat. Damn near dropped it but finally succeeded. I got the hell off that sand. I will stick to four wheels and paddle tires for dune running. Didn't hurt anything but my pride. I made a mental note to come back with the sandrail on the Desert track tires and sped off down the road.

I soon came to a little dry creek and some big trees. I followed a little trail down the box canyon and came to a old cowboy looking campsite. I wouldn't have been surprised if Buch Cassidy and the Sundance kid would have walked out of the disrepaired shack. Lots of fresh tire tracks around and with hunting season and all I figured this was not a good time to be nosey so I headed back to the main trail and followed it a mile or two. Never did see a single soul.

With so many roads and trails I didn't want to get lost so I headed back and went the other way to the North side of the valley and ended up along the Colorado River. I followed that for a way's hoping to spot a old bridge or something to get across. I could see roads and a old vacant ranch on the other side but no way to cross. I followed a trail up to a high overlook but it was a dead end and I headed back down and took a break by the river. Sure was quite and peaceful the river was big and dirty and slow. Never saw a single person. Had come down from the truck about 15 miles so decided to go back to the truck and eat half my sandwich.

I made short work of that 15 miles since I kinda new the road. Got into 4th and 5th gear a few times and was really flying. SWEET RIDE! The power is always right there when you want it. The engine spins easy and it is just so quite you don't feel like it has that much power until you roll it on and there it is just waiting for your command.

Had another little break and ate and then headed south. The road went threw a smaller canyon and it must have recently had a fire there a year or two ago. Lots of dead trees standing. Felt like a cemetery. Kinda gave me the creeps. Good thing it wasn't dark. The road was narrow and winding and the canyon was tighter. I felt like I was going to find a dead end in a box canyon but the road was smooth and well used. Suddenly it took a right and shot up with a few switch backs. Cool! At the top it was like coming out into the lost valley of the dinosaurs or something. Everything got green again and came to life. The fire never got on this side and it was much cooler and prettier. I went down into the next canyon and up and down into another. It just seemed to go on and on just like me babbling about it. (ha! ha!). I noticed the temperature seemed a little cooler and I had come about 15 miles so I decided to beat it back to the truck. I got there in jig time and feeling exhausted with 65 new miles on the bike I squirmed out of my clothes and boots and loaded up the bike on the trailer and headed for home. I looked at my watch and it was 4:30 and sun was low on the horizon. Next thing I know I am getting dressed after a hot shower with two chicken pot pies in the oven. I look at my watch again and it is only 6:00. Boy do I feel lucky having such great riding places so close to home. I also feel lucky to have some friends like all of you. Hope to see you soon on another adventure.

Your Friend EZGZ

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